Nov 17

Factors that Can Impact the Cost of Water Damage Restoration

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Each year, thousands of homeowners file insurance claims due to water damage. It could be caused by severe storms, leaks and heavy floods. Keep in mind that the cost of addressing this kind of damage varies depending on its cause and other several factors.

Here are factors that can affect the cost of water damage restoration.

The Size of the Affected Area

The more expansive the affected area is, the higher its repair costs would be. The restoration would require more time and materials. However, it is not the only thing to consider when estimating restoration costs. Even if the size of the damaged area is small, it can still cost more than repairing a larger area due to other factors.

Your Location

Like the cost of living, the price for water damage repairs also depends on where you live. Make sure to hire an experienced restoration company to get the most accurate estimate.

Water Present in the Area

Any water present in the affected area must be removed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Your contractor may use water pumps, dehumidification equipment, and moist-absorbent materials to perform this task. When water removal is necessary, the restoration could take longer, adding to the cost of the service. Repairs could only be done once the area is dry.

Damaged Materials

Another factor that can affect restoration costs is the materials that were damaged. For instance, replacing a damaged carpet takes longer to complete than repairing hardwood floors. The materials that need repairs or replacement also play a big role in restoration costs. If there’s the presence of mold, that could also add up to the repair costs.

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