Nov 20

Tips on Filing Homeowners Insurance Claims After a Fire

Terms: Restoration

Keep in mind that homeowners insurance usually covers fire-related damage. You must know the procedure when it comes to filing claims in case your house is affected by a fire. Knowing the process can help you make sure that you get the reimbursement you need.

Here are tips on filing homeowners insurance claims from a trusted fire and smoke restoration company.

Document the Losses

When the fire is completely out and the conditions are safe, capture photos of the damage and list down items that need repairs and were destroyed. It can help support your claim and even expedite the process.

Research Your Adjuster

Many scammers take advantage of homeowners following a fire or weather extremes. Make sure to ask your insurance company for the name of the adjuster before they arrive. Once the adjuster arrives, ask for their identification before allowing them inside your home.

Let the Adjuster See All the Damage

When the adjuster visits your home, they should get to see all your losses and everything that was damaged.

Document Every Contact With Your Insurer

Once the adjuster leaves, it’s important to stay in contact with your insurer through email. Take note of when the adjuster visits and if there any missed appointments, and unreturned calls. Write down the things you discussed and if they communicated with you appropriately.

Obtain Multiple Estimates

Your adjuster may not know how to estimate the value of all the affected items and areas of your home. As much as possible, obtain multiple estimates from different contractors to get an idea about your fire restoration cost.

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