Apr 23

How to Get Rid of Smoke Odors After a House Fire

A fire is one of the awful disasters that can happen to a home. Not only does it destroy structural materials and household items, but it also results in a number of health hazards such as soot pollution and unhealthy smoke levels and unpleasant smoke odors. Here are things to do in order to get the smoke smell out of your house after a fire.

fire and smoke restoration

  • Air out the premises. The first step is to air the place out. Open your windows and doors to create ventilation, allowing cool, fresh air in and drawing the smoke odors out. Use the fans to blow air and help guide the smoke odor outside.

  • Use positive pressure. Simply airing out space will not be sufficient to eliminate the unpleasant smells if the smoke is thick and strong enough. For effective smoke removal, you might need to use positive pressure. For example, keep one window open to act as an exhaust. Turn the fan on its highest setting and blow out the place for around 15 minutes before closing the open door or window.

  • Clean your property meticulously. To completely get rid of smoke odors, you need to thoroughly clean all surfaces and items affected by the smoke. To clean carpeting and upholstery, sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for a whole day. After, vacuum up the baking soda using a piece of equipment with HEPA filter. To clean solid surfaces, use a cleaning solution of dish soap, vinegar and water and wipe them down. Some furniture might need special cleaning products. To clean window screens, simply use dish soap or shampoo, rinse them with cool water and let them dry outside.

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