May 21

All About Large Loss: Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Alabama is no stranger to natural disasters, including floods, thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. If your home or business suffered significant damage as a result of any of these unfortunate events, you’re likely looking at a large-loss situation. But what does it mean exactly? Read on as we answer the most common questions about large loss.

What Is Large Loss?

A large loss is any situation that involves extensive damage to your property. Natural disasters like the ones mentioned above often result in large-loss situations. However, events of a smaller scale such as broken plumbing that resulted in flooding or sewage backup can also leave a great deal of destruction behind, causing serious losses.

What Is Considered Large Loss?

Insurers consider extensive damage to a single-structure property to be a large-loss situation if the necessary repairs amount to $50,000 or greater. The same can be said if the damage affects more than one floor of a multi-story building, and that a large portion of the building suffered extensive destruction.

How Can You Qualify for Large Loss?

You may be qualified for large loss if the damage to your property disrupts your daily living activities or halts your business operations indefinitely. While it often represents damage equating to thousands of dollars, qualifying for such will depend on several factors. These include the size of the residential or commercial property, the use or purpose of the facility, and the cost to restore the property to its condition before the disaster happened.

Is It Covered by Your Insurance?

Your insurance policy may outline the necessary coverage for repairs or restoration on your property. Be sure to review its contents and take note of things like performing cleanups and repairs following natural disasters and bringing your property up to the latest building codes.

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