May 11

What You Need to Know About the Water Extraction Process

Flooding inside your home, whether caused by a severe storm or broken plumbing, is never a good thing. If this happens to you, you must get in touch with the professionals who can extra any standing water out of your living spaces. Time is of the essence in this kind of situation; the longer you wait, the more problems can arise like mold growth, wood rot and various health issues.

Read on as we discuss the things you can expect during the water extraction process.

About Water Extraction

Simply put, water extraction is the process of removing all of the standing water and excess moisture inside your property. It aims to prevent further structural damage while speeding up the drying process and reducing potential mold growth and secondary water damage.

The process usually involves the removal of standing water using special tools and equipment. A cleaning solution is first applied to disinfect the affected area before using industrial-grade wet/dry vacuums with tanks that hold the extracted water. In case the water levels are high, the pros would use submersible pumps that draw the water out through a drain or an opening in your home.

Dealing With Water Accumulation

The water extraction process doesn’t end there. After removing the bulk of water from your home, the restoration professionals will use specific techniques and advanced tools to extract water from hard-to-reach areas and those absorbed by other materials. These include moisture hidden within carpeting and padding.

Efficient water removal is the key to ensuring all water from your property is removed. For this, the pros use moisture detectors and hygrometers that determine the extent of moisture saturation, infrared cameras that detect water behind walls and ceilings, and portable extraction units. Once finished, the pros can proceed with water mitigation or the process of reducing property loss due to flooding.

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