Jul 16

5 Factors That Affect Smoke Odor Removal

A fire is a devastating event that can cause extensive damage throughout your home. In addition to soot-covered or burnt items, the smell of smoke can also linger after a fire, causing discomfort to the residents. The amount of time needed to extinguish the smoke smell will depend on a number of factors. These include:

  1. Size of the Fire. Since a more sweeping fire causes more damage to a property, it obviously leads to more potential for smoke odors throughout the space.

  2. Type of Soot. Dry and oily are two main types of soot. Dry soot is easier to deal with, only requiring a sponge and low-alkaline detergent to clean. On the other hand, to fully get rid of oily soot, the use of specialized techniques and equipment that professional restoration companies provide is required.

  3. Size of the Affected Area. If the affected area is relatively small, the amount of time and effort needed to remove smoke odors is lower when compared to an enormous building with several rooms.

  4. Delay After the Fire. The longer you wait to address the smoke damage, the worse the problem will be. Even if the smoke-affected zone seems small-scale, most types of materials can start to discolor, rust or corrode due to smoke participles or acidic soot.

  5. Types of Affected Materials. Different materials around your home react differently to smoke molecules. For example, porous surfaces such as drywall, wood, wallpaper and paint can become permanently stained unless remedied swiftly. Metallic surfaces may also develop rust and deteriorate due to acidic soot. Even cleaning smoke-covered furniture can be challenging, so it is always better to leave the restoration process to the pros.

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