Aug 23

A Look at Fire Damage on Roofing Systems

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It’s common knowledge that fire is one of the biggest threats to your home’s roof. However, few people realize that there’s more to fire damage than just reducing your roof to ashes. Here are a few things that fire can do to different parts of your roof according to our damage restoration team.

Structural Damage

The biggest problem with fire is that it has a devastating effect on a roof’s structural integrity even if it is not made of combustible material. Metal components can expand and get warped, while the heat can cause sealants to melt away and weaken the seals along the flashing.

Shingle Damage

Fire can also cause problems for the topmost layer of the roof even if it didn’t get fully exposed to the fire. Fire and water damage experts say that the intense heat from the fire causes a temperature imbalance above and below the shingles, causing them to cup or curl. Fire-damaged shingles should be replaced immediately to prevent them from compromising your roof’s waterproofing abilities.

Cosmetic Damage

Fire tends to char a lot of materials, especially wooden and painted surfaces. This leaves unsightly black spots that can be almost impossible to fix . Heat-warped components such as flashing strips and curled shingles can also ruin a home’s curb appeal and usually warrant quick replacement.

Do Not DIY!

Because water and fire restoration can be very technical, our team strongly suggests that you avoid trying to fix fire damage on your own. Instead get a local roofing restoration company and have them check  whether simple repairs will do or if a complete roof replacement is the only option.

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