Aug 5

Why Does Mold Grow on Your Walls?

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Do you see signs of mold growing on your home’s walls? You may be surprised to learn that this happens more often than most people think. How does the mold get on your walls even if there’s no obvious source that could have started the growth? Our mold restoration experts are here to shed light on the matter.

Spores Are Almost Always There

Most homeowners are unaware that you can’t completely get rid of mold in your home. There will always be small amounts of spores stuck on surfaces or suspended in the air. It’s just a matter of them finding the right conditions to grow to an exponential scale. Let’s start with the very air in your home…

Indoors Are Too Humid

Moisture is found in the air in the form of water vapor. If left unchecked or if there’s not enough airflow, the excessive amount of water vapor makes the air humid. Severe cases of humidity can lead to condensation and the vapor reverts to its liquid form. This usually shows up as water in crawl space and other narrow areas where moisture doesn’t dry out as fast. Mold and moisture, so you will soon find mold colonies in moist spots.


If you have a damaged roof or poorly-sealed siding and windows, water can get inside your home. Rainwater can seep into your walls where it takes even longer to dry out. This can cause mold formations to start from within the walls, pushing out wallpaper or paint. If you try to poke a hole in those bumps you will likely see mold hidden underneath.

Dealing with Mold

Preventing mold growth is much easier than getting rid of it, which is why mold and basement water damage experts strongly recommend preventive measures like using dehumidifiers and frequently having basements and attics checked for signs of condensation. Getting rid of existing mold colonies requires the right equipment so you’re better off hiring mold removal experts.

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