Sep 15

The Don’ts of Saving Water-Damaged Documents, Books and Photos

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Along with water damage to plumbing, roofing and other areas in the home, one of the greatest concerns when it comes to flooding is the risk of losing books, photos and important documents. Books and papers that have been damaged by floodwaters are very fragile. Paper and photographic film can easily become waterlogged and destroyed if one isn’t careful when handling them.

Please be aware that it is nearly impossible to restore a flood-damaged book or document to its original condition. Make copies of valuable papers as a precautionary measure as the floodwater may cause rapid deterioration.

Learn the don’ts of saving water-damaged documents, books and photos from a local water removal expert.

  • Don’t Separate Documents When Wet

Dry water-soaked documents in stacks no more than a quarter of an inch high. Make sure to place absorbent materials in between the firm surface and the affected items while drying the documents.

  • Don’t Touch the Surface of Wet Photos or Negatives

It’s not a good idea to freeze photographs. Hold the edges of the wet photographs and not their surfaces to prevent further damage. Moreover, if your home has been affected by water or fire damage, you should also contact reputable restoration professionals.

  • Don’t Dry Books on Their Front Edge

Instead, fan the book open and stand it on its top or bottom edge, whichever is driest. Turn the book over to dry on the opposing edge every couple of hours.

  • Don’t Forget to Take Safety Measures

It’s very likely that mold has occurred if it has been more than two days since the flood. For your safety, wear a mask, long sleeves and latex gloves while recovering your damaged items. Also, be mindful of using electrical equipment while standing on a wet surface.

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