Oct 21

3 Sure Signs of Water-damaged Drywall To Look Out For

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Despite the name, your drywall does not always remain dry. Unfortunately, water damage to your drywall is all too common. Whether it’s from a leak on your roof, air conditioner or a recent flood, wet drywall is bad news and must be addressed immediately to prevent the damage from spreading. In today’s post, your friends over at Special Touch Restoration share three ways to identify the signs of water damage to your drywall so you can act quickly. 


The first and most obvious sign to look out for when trying to identify signs of water damage is to look at the color. If there is discoloration on one portion of your wall or if there are stains and streaks, then you are most likely dealing with water damage. 

Mold Growth

The next thing you want to do when checking for water damage is to look for mold growth. Unfortunately, this can be hard to spot or are sometimes not immediately noticeable. What most restoration experts suggest is to use your nose. If you detect musty or stale odors near your drywall, then this could indicate the presence of mold growth. If this is the case, be sure to call in a professional to avoid exposing yourself to potential health hazards.

Bulging or Sagging

Oftentimes, water-damaged drywall is not detected right away, especially if the damaged portion is in a remote area in your house. If you chance upon an area in your home where there is a visible bulge on one of the walls, then you are likely dealing with an advanced case. As soon as you discover any bulging or sagging portions, be sure to call in your trusted local contractor so they can deal with the affected areas. 

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