Oct 7

3 Ways Water Quickly Damages Your Home

Terms: Restoration

Water is our most important natural resource, but it is also your home’s worst enemy. From ugly streaks running down the side of your house to basement water damage due to a sudden flood. Damage that is caused by water can wreak havoc on your property faster than you might think. This is why stopping it from going where it doesn’t belong and identifying the source of water infiltration when it does is absolutely critical. Here are three ways water can spell trouble for your home.

1. Electrical Issues

Any wires or cables that are exposed to water need to be replaced right away to make sure that your electrical system continues to work properly. Any time your exposed wires are exposed to water or even excessive moisture in the air, the internal components could get damaged due to corrosion. 

2. Crawl Space Damage

Standing water in crawl space is a common occurrence in areas that sees a lot of rain and is more serious than you realize. Even though your crawl space is an often forgotten area in your home, water that accumulates there can quickly cause flooring issues and rot.

3. Mold Build-up

Under ideal conditions, mold only takes between 24 to 48 hours to germinate and grow. When optimal temperatures and humidity levels are reached, mold spores rapidly begin to colonize the damp areas in your home. Not only does this cause damage to your home, but could also lead to health issues such as eye, nose and throat irritation. If you or a family member has a mold allergy or chronic respiratory issue such as asthma, it could trigger severe symptoms and complications. 

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