Oct 14

Fire Safety Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Terms: Fire Safety

You never think it could happen to you but fire can strike anytime, anywhere, even when you least expect it. Unfortunately, fires are all too common during the holiday season. To ensure that you only have happy memories with friends and family during this festive time of the year, here are a few fire safety tips to keep in mind according to the fire and water damage experts over at Special Touch Restoration.

Christmas Tree Safety

One of the leading causes of fires during this time of year is due to Christmas trees catching fire. If your family prefers a real tree, be sure to water it every day because dry needles catch fire easily. String lights are manufactured with safety in mind but we strongly discourage plugging more than three strings into each other. Instead, use a power strip. String lights that are old and worn or have visible damage should be discarded.


No matter what holiday you are celebrating, it wouldn’t be complete without a scrumptious feast. Since many people tend to do a lot of cooking and baking during the holiday season, fires from the kitchen tend to be common. To prevent fire damage to your home, be sure to clean up greasy spills, move flammable items away from the cooktop and, most importantly, never leave the kitchen unattended.


The Christmas season is also the best time of the year to cozy up near your fireplace. To avoid fires, keep flammable things at least three feet away from the flames and use a fire screen to keep embers from escaping. Before you turn in for the night, always make sure that the embers are fully extinguished. 

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