Nov 4

What Are the Most Typical Causes of Commercial Building Fires?

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Aside from basement water damage, fire is among the last things you want to happen in your building. It can be extremely damaging to your business and dangerous to the occupants. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to minimize the risk of this dreadful situation.  

Continue reading to find out what typically causes fires in commercial structures. 

What Usually Causes Fires in Businesses?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that fires in commercial buildings are usually caused by cooking equipment, electrical and lighting systems, heating equipment and arson. Smoking materials and office or electronic equipment are also common causes of fire.

What to Do In Case of a Fire Incident

In case a workplace fire does occur, you should have an emergency plan ready. Employees should know how to use fire extinguishers. They should immediately trigger your emergency alarm system if the fire is too big to extinguish. When the alarm rings, everyone in the building should evacuate through pre-determined escape routes. 

The first person who makes it outside should contact emergency services immediately. Do a headcount once everyone is outside, and if someone is missing, don’t allow anyone to rush into the burning building. What you can do is to let the emergency services know about the missing person, and let them search.

What Can You Do to Prevent Commercial Fires?

The best way to avoid commercial fires and water in crawl space is through education. Informing your employees about fire prevention is essential in protecting your business from commercial fires. You can start with educating them about kitchen fire safety tips since most fires begin in the kitchen. For instance, ask them to make sure appliances are unplugged after use and watch the food they are heating up or cooking. 

Making it a habit to check office equipment also helps in preventing commercial fires. Kitchen appliances should always be kept clean and electrical cords shouldn’t be frayed. Check the equipment for any malfunction, even better, have a professional inspect and maintain them. 

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