Dec 2

Common Causes of Household Water Damage In Winter

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Water in crawl space or other areas of your home can freeze and cause damage to your home during winter. Fortunately, water damage in the winter is preventable if you know what’s causing it. In today’s post, Special Touch Restoration takes a look at the common causes of household water damage in winter. 

Clogged Gutters

Standing water in the gutters can expand and cause damage to the gutters. Excess water can seep up through the roof edges and cause damage to the roof deck and other structural components. Make it a point to clean your gutters regularly, as well as remove and reapply caulk to the joints and seams, or have the gutters cleaned and maintained by a professional.

Consider investing in a gutter protection system. They are designed to prevent solid matter from entering the gutter troughs and keep the gutters clean. Combined with low-maintenance seamless gutters, it is possible to have virtually maintenance-free gutters.

Water In the Pipes

Water left in the pipes can strain the piping as it freezes. It can also cause blockage that could raise water pressure that could lead to burst pipes and basement water damage. To prevent this from happening, drain outdoor faucets by turning off the outdoor water supply valve, remove hoses and other connections to the faucets, then turn the outdoor faucets on until all water trickles to a stop. All pipes that lead to the outdoors should also have proper insulation.

Poor Attic Insulation

While snowfall isn’t common in Alabama, northern cities like Huntsville have been known to experience it. Trapped heat in a poorly-insulated attic can raise the roof temperature and melt the snow on top, which can flow towards the edge, refreeze, and later form ice dams, as well as icicles. This can have the same effect as clogged gutters — moisture can back up through the roof edge and cause moisture damage. Addressing a roof’s insulation and ventilation issues can help prevent ice damming.

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