Jan 20

Why You Need a Professional to Remove Smoke Odor and Damage

A fire-damaged home or business is often costly to repair, but as soon as it’s extinguished, you need to act quickly to prevent further loss and damage. Apart from dealing with structural damage, you’ll also have to address smoke and soot odor which can linger if not properly cleaned. While it isn’t safe to enter a fire scene yourself, you can hire a certified professional in fire restoration who specializes in smoke cleaning services to start the cleaning process. Here’s why you should leave the smoke odor removal and restoration to the professionals: 

They Do a More Thorough Inspection

One of the first steps in restoring your home or business is to inspect the property on how much damage was sustained. The extent of the fire and smoke damage is assessed thoroughly to determine an effective plan to remove unwanted debris and start the restoration process. Only certified experts can ascertain the full extent of the damage properly and take care of the cleanup process efficiently.

It’s Difficult to Remove on Your Own

The smell of smoke can still linger inside your home despite your best efforts to clean it off yourself. The smoke residue left behind can also have long-term damage to your health; the smell can still be potent enough to damage your lungs over time. You’ll have a more difficult time trying to sleep properly as it can lead to other health problems such as allergic reactions and asthma. You’re better off having it done by a trusted professional in fire damage and smoke cleaning services as they have the right knowledge and expertise for the job!

They Have Better Equipment

Cleanup and restoration isn’t a simple task that anyone can do, especially after your home or business was damaged by fire. Professionals will use air movers to force air over damp surfaces. This quickly dries walls, floors, and furniture to prevent moisture damage and mold growth. Air scrubbers and dehumidifiers are also used at the scene to remove pollutants and moisture from the air. 

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