Mar 3

Common Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

Excessive exposure to moisture can lead to issues like mold growth, rot and rust. Water can harm several components of your home, such as insulation, wood, flooring, drywall, electrical wiring and pipes. Addressing water damage early can help you save on repair and mold restoration costs.  

Here are ways to determine if water damage is present in your home. 

Inspect Your Appliances

Many appliances in your home can contribute to water damage, such as your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator and garbage disposal. Check for damaged hoses, moisture or leaks around water supplies, and defective pipe connections. It’s also a good idea to have your HVAC system routinely inspected. 

Look at Your Pipes Up Close

When was the last time you had a good look at the pipes under your sinks and behind toilets? Using a flashlight, check these areas carefully. You’ll know there’s water damage when you see loose connections and corrosion. Even small leaks can seriously harm surrounding components and increase your utility costs. 

Check Basement Walls for Dampness 

Concrete is naturally porous, meaning it can cause wetness in your basement. You can test your walls with a plastic patch if you don’t have a moisture meter. If you find that the walls are damp, contact a basement water damage specialist immediately for an inspection. 

Pay Attention to Your Foundation

Outside your home, check your foundation for indications of water damage like cracks. Plumbing leaks indoors can cause cracks to form or even some areas to crumble. After your foundation inspection, compare its results to your basement wall test findings.

Problems like water in crawlspace, plumbing leaks and mold must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. Whether you’re dealing with water damage or mold growth, Special Touch Restoration is ready to help. Call us at (256) 330-4822 (North Alabama) or (251) 512-1424 (South Alabama). You may also complete our contact form to request a free estimate.