Mar 10

What Are the Different Types of Smoke Damage?

Terms: Restoration

Like basement water damage, it can take some time to deal with the remnants of a fire. One thing you’ll need to deal with after such a devastating event is smoke damage. The combination of smoke and soot can be detrimental to different items in your home and your indoor air quality.  

Read on to learn more about different types of smoke damage. 

Protein Smoke

Fumes from burning organic matter create protein smoke. This type of smoke damage is more common in kitchens. It can be challenging to remove because it’s not as visible. Protein smoke won’t leave marks on surfaces but causes paint discoloration and creates a bad odor. 

Wet Smoke

Low-heat and slow-burning flames from burnt rubber or plastic form wet smoke. It creates the smell of burnt plastic, and thick and black plumes. When left unaddressed, it can cause rusting and corrosion in the metal components of your home. It’s best to leave its removal to the hands of experienced professionals. At Special Touch Restoration, you can count on us for your fire damage restoration and mold remediation needs. 

Fuel Smoke

Burning petroleum can result in fuel smoke, typically occurring in garages and warehouses. It creates a foul smell and can be tough to clean. Once it touches fabric, fuel smoke can’t be removed. Thick and sticky residues that settle on surfaces characterize fuel smoke. 

Dry Smoke

It won’t take long before dry smoke spreads around a house. High temperatures from burning wood or paper cause this type of smoke damage. It leaves a powdery residue, making it easier to remove. While it doesn’t produce a strong odor, the powdery substance can get into hard-to-reach areas of your living space. When left undetected, it can damage wirings and potentially cause electrical damage. 

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