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Content Pack-Out Restoration: 3 Things You Should Expect

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Maybe your home has suffered fire or smoke damage, or perhaps a recent storm has resulted in excess water in crawlspace. Whatever damage your living space has suffered should be mitigated as soon as possible. But the restoration process doesn’t just involve cleaning and repairing the affected areas; it also involves restoring any items and valuables contained in those areas. It’s called content pack-out restoration, and here’s what you are expected to do when investing in this service: 

1. Take inventory. Yes, your choice of a content pack-out restorer will do most of the work, but there are also a few important things that you’ll need to do by yourself. These include assessing the damage to your valuables and taking a thorough inventory. Doing so ensures that none of your possessions are lost, allowing you to verify which items are returned after the restoration process. 

2. Assist your restorers with the tough decisions. Are some items worth repairing, or are they too far gone to be restored? It will be up to you to choose which items should be saved and which ones should be replaced. You may be tempted to just have most of them replaced (except those with true sentimental value) and in some rare cases, that’s probably the best idea. 

But if there’s even a small chance that your possessions can be restored, you should consider going ahead with a content pack-out restoration service. This offers a simple and cost-effective way to bring your valuables back to their original condition. And if you need a trusted and experienced professional to handle the job, just turn to Special Touch Restoration. We’re not just your go-to company for expert mold restoration; we can clean and restore your home’s contents as well.

3. Be present for the pack-out and delivery of your items. Once you’ve chosen which items should be repaired, you should stay and watch how the items are packaged and prepared for transport. If you work with Special Touch Restoration, you can be sure your possessions will be handled with care. Using advanced cleaning and deodorizing methods, our team will restore your valuables in a timely and thorough fashion, then return them to you clean and intact.

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