Albertville Mold Removal Remediation Services

Mold is common in many homes and could pose serious health complications. You should never ignore a mold problem, but rather, you should seek prompt Albertville mold removal services. What starts as a small patch of mold could get out of hand. Mold produces microscopic cells called spores that spread through the air, infesting other parts of your home. In addition, mold produces allergens, irritants, and other toxic substances. If not addressed, mold could trigger respiratory problems. It’s clear why you should seek prompt mold remediation in Albertville AL.


Mold can easily thrive in your home, especially in warm and humid conditions. As a homeowner, you should inspect your home regularly and seek mold removal services in Albertville AL, immediately when you notice a mold problem.


When providing Albertville mold remediation, we seek to safely clean the affected areas and remove the mold-contaminated items while preventing the spread of mold to other areas. Our experts will take the time to assess the mold situation in your home and create an Albertville mold remediation strategy that suits your unique situation.

Throughout the removal and remediation process, we minimize the spread of mold spores. Before commencing the mold remediation in Albertville AL, we will first determine how we can avoid disturbing the mold. The less mold disturbance, the better the air quality, and outcome.


For over 30 years, we have perfected the art of investigating and eliminating mold issues. Our many years of experience and expertise make us the go-to company for Albertville mold removal services. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose our services:

  • All our technicians are trained and certified in mold removal and remediation.
  • We are licensed to provide mold removal services in Albertville AL
  • Game-changing techniques – we employ the best mold removal strategies.
  • We will take the necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of the mold.
  • We are a local, family-owned, and operated company.


If you are seeking the best Albertville mold removal services, Special Touch Restoration has got you covered. For decades, our experts have been providing outstanding Albertville mold remediation services. Call us today for a free estimate.