Arab Mold Removal Remediation Services

Rampant mold growth causes many businesses and homeowners to believe it is normal, but that is not true. Just because the fungus grows in your property does not mean you should let it continue thriving. It is also important to remember that mold can be destructive. Dealing with fungi quickly and effectively is critical. You can start by getting a reliable Arab mold removal services company on speed dial, and that is where Special Touch Restoration comes in. You can also armor yourself with specific knowledge on handling mold.


  • Detect – The first step to successful mold remediation in Arab AL is finding the fungi, which you can do by identifying sources of leaks. Check walls, floors, ceiling, or roof for stains or discoloration, then trace to the signs to find the leak. A musty odor, condensation, and bubbling paint are other signs of water damage worth considering.
  • Remove – Testing the mold to determine the specie promotes permanent eradication, which is why contacting a professional Arab mold remediation company is crucial. DIY test kits are available, but the technical knowledge or experts will bring you more value. Years of experience and know-how our experts possess will also be more beneficial for Arab mold removal services.
  • Prevent Recurrence – Consider possible future recurrence rather than immediate remediation. That is another reason you should opt for the proven mold removal services in Arab AL. We will deliver.

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All the above show our reputation, and we better the deal by showing up within an hour after calling us. We have the best prices and vast experience to make our mold remediation in Arab AL stand out.


Since warmth and moisture are the elements that create a thriving environment for mold, preventing them is critical in inhibiting mold growth. Ventilate the building properly, seal cracks, fix leaky fixtures and plumbing pipes, and improve water drainage around the property. If those do not work, our Arab mold removal services are a phone call away – (256) 660-5555.