Athens Fire Damage Restoration Services

The residue remaining after a fire can be hazardous to your health, yet an inexperienced contractor may not have what it takes to tackle the job properly and might cause more damage. The same applies when you consider handling the repairs as a DIY, leaving Athens fire damage restoration services from renowned professionals as the only safe option.


  • Efficient Restoration – Ash, smoke, and soot are taxing to remove if the fire covers a large section. Household elements like water may not clear them off completely, and leaving them can worsen the situation. Professionals have the tools, know-how, and experience that removes all the after-fire elements and debris without a hassle.
  • Time and Money Savings – DIY may be one of the best ways of saving money in many cases, but it does not help with fire damage. Without experts, you will have to source the right tools and put a lot of time and effort into cleaning and reclaiming the place to its pre-loss condition. The results may not be up to par when you are done. Many insurance companies also recommend getting Athens fire damage restoration services from companies for them to compensate you.
  • Prevention of Long-lasting Issues – Fires can leave long-lasting effects on a property when you do not respond swiftly and appropriately. A thorough examination of the remnants to unleash all concealed problems prevents future repairs and gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Only professionals can provide that.


Considerations when searching for fire damage restoration services in Athens AL include years of operation, preparedness or response times, accreditations, and reputation or reviews. A background check on the company of interest can provide all the confirmation you require about their suitability for the job. With the Special Touch Restoration crew, you can be sure of getting the following:

  • Well-trained and qualified personnel
  • Numerous years in business, translating to vast experience
  • Reasonable prices and one-hour responses


Getting ideal Athens fire damage restoration services is simple, thanks to our emergency services and full-time availability. You can reach us at (256) 660-5555.