• Jan 8

    4 Ways Homeowners Can Prevent Mold Growth in the Winter

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    Since the winter season can produce a significant amount of moisture for any home, home maintenance professionals say that homeowners have plenty of things to worry about during the season. For example, you need to be on the lookout for leaks and ice dams on your roof. That way, you…


  • Jan 7

    What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

    Major problems can often cause a domino effect of smaller issues throughout your home. Fires, for example, are very destructive. However, once the fire is put out, you’ll have to call for fire and smoke restoration services to deal with the numerous problems that follow it. Floods are another example of major…


  • Jan 4

    When Do You Need a Biohazard Cleanup?

    There are times when you may need to call specialized services to keep your home in good condition. For example, a general contractor may not be able to help you deal with fire damage completely, so it’s best to trust a restoration contractor instead. One situation that calls for a specialist is…


  • Jan 1

    Why Homeowners Should Clean Out Soot After a House Fire

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    A fire is a hazard that no homeowner ever wants to experience. After all, not only can the fire damage cause you to lose your home and valuable possessions but a fire can put lives at risk as well. In fact, even when the fire has been put out, there is another…


  • Dec 29

    The Areas of Your Home That Are Susceptible to Mold Growth

    Terms: Restoration

    Mold growth often stems from water damage, but it can linger, often unseen, after its cause is addressed. Knowing where mold usually thrives can give you the advantage of knowing where to look for it and stop it from spreading. In today’s post, Special Touch Restoration shares a look at parts of…


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