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  • Jun 7

    Tips To Prevent Mold Growth

    Prevent Mold! When growing in a controlled environment, mold can be quite helpful.   For example, mold is needed to make cheese, penicillin, and other antibiotics, and is the source of many other useful things.  In the outdoor environment, mold helps decompose organic matter and is part of the ongoing…


  • May 26

    5 Steps to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

    Address the Water Source If water is pooling inside your home or workplace, the first and most important action is to find its source and address it. Emergencies like a gushing plumbing leak or an overflowing tub can quickly dump gallons of water into your property, so you have to…


  • Aug 5

    Why Does Mold Grow on Your Walls?

    Terms: Mold

    Do you see signs of mold growing on your home’s walls? You may be surprised to learn that this happens more often than most people think. How does the mold get on your walls even if there’s no obvious source that could have started the growth? Our mold restoration experts are here…


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