Fort Deposit Water Damage Restoration Services

At Special Touch Restoration, our mission is to help residents and business owners recover from any type of water disaster with minimal downtime and inconvenience. We offer free estimates on Fort Deposit water damage restoration services and even work with insurance companies to get you coverage when it is needed the most.


Any water damage restoration services in Fort Deposit AL you require are important, because the value of your property and your family’s health depends upon the quality of service you receive. Learn more with these frequently asked questions about water damage restoration:

  • What Does Water Damage Restoration Entail? – Water damage restoration involves several steps including removing moisture from the air and surface, cleaning and disinfecting affected areas, restoring structure and function, and monitoring lingering humidity to maintain a healthy environment and inhibit mold.
  • Why Should I Hire a Professional? – Even if you have experience with repairs, cleaning up after a flood can be dangerous. Electrocution is a risk and mold can grow quickly if the proper steps are not taken immediately by Fort Deposit water damage restoration services technicians who have the proper tools and technology.
  • How Long Will It Take My Insurance Company to Respond? – That depends on several factors including how much time has passed since the loss occurred. But you do not have to worry because we have 30 years of experience in the disaster recovery industry and have established relationships with insurers.


Our IICRC certified crews have found that each situation that requires water damage restoration services in Fort Deposit AL is different. Even so, there are common reasons water damage may occur:

  • Flooding from hurricanes, severe weather, or natural disasters
  • Burst pipes due to aging or freezing water lines
  • Leaky windows, doors, and roofs
  • Overflowing appliances


Please remember that dangerous mold can start forming within 24 hours of flooding, which means you need to contact a Fort Deposit water damage restoration services expert as soon as possible. Call Special Touch Restoration at (256) 660-5555 or (251) 867-4455 for a complimentary consultation.