Gadsden Mold Removal Remediation Services

You might be wondering about what mold removal and remediation mean and whether you need them. Our Gadsden mold removal services involve removing the actual mold. On the other hand, our mold remediation in Gadsden AL involves eliminating mold to the extent the premises will be free of even small mold colonies. Mold loves high levels of humidity. You are likely to have mold if you see black spots on wet or damp areas of your home. Most mold infestations go unnoticed until the problem has spread to many areas of your home.


In addition to seeking mold removal services in Gadsden AL, you must follow the right steps to prevent the recurrence of the mold. Below are some of the tips that can help you curb the spread or recurrence of mold on your premises:

  • Check for signs of water damage – You should identify all areas that show signs of water damage. Mold is likely to grow in areas with water damage.
  • Look for signs of rotting wood – If you notice that a wood surface is rotting, it is a sign that it could be infected with mold already. You may have to remove the rotting wood and replace it with new wood.
  • Check your bathroom and kitchen – If the grout in your kitchen and bathroom starts turning black, it is time to contact Gadsden mold remediation experts.


You can count on Special Touch Restoration for Gadsden mold removal services that you can trust. Below are some of the reasons why we stand out from the competition:

  • We have been in the mold removal and remediation business for more than thirty years.
  • We are quite affordable compared to other mold remediation in Gadsden AL service provides.
  • Experienced technicians who will get the job done well the first time.
  • All our technicians are trained by IICRC.
  • Our mold remediation company is locally owned and operated.
  • We provide 24/7 mold removal services in Gadsden AL, meaning we will be available whenever you need us.


Are you wondering how you can get rid of mold in your home? You should start by seeking professional Gadsden mold removal services. At Special Touch Restoration, we provide the best Gadsden mold remediation services at an affordable price. Give us a call.