Georgiana Water Damage Restoration Services

Water intrusion from broken pipes or storms often cause costly damage to homes and commercial buildings. Fortunately, our Georgiana water damage restoration services bring any property back to its pre-loss condition, and these services are usually covered by insurance.


If you think that you may need water damage restoration services in Georgiana AL for any reason, it is important to call our IICRC certified technicians right away. There are many different types of materials that can be affected by water damage, and not all of them can be dried out on your own.

Our crews are specially trained in drying out these materials and restoring them. Here are some services we perform:

  • Water Removal – The first step in any type of water damage restoration is removing all standing water from your property as quickly as possible. This prevents further damage from occurring and reduces the risk for mold growth.
  • Drying Out Wet Materials – This step in Georgiana water damage restoration services involves drying out both solid and porous materials that have materials that have been affected by the flood water. This includesthings like furniture, carpeting, and wood floors.
  • Sealing Off Openings – Once everything has been dried out properly, it is important to seal off any openings that were found during initial inspections of your property’s interior spaces. This could include anything from cracks around windows or doors or even small gaps between walls.
  • Structural Drying – Our expert team measures moisture in insulation, studs, and sill plates andt then utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create a moisture map of the affected areas so moisture content can be consistently monitored to prevent mold from growing and spreading.


To complement our water damage restoration services in Georgiana AL and the surrounding area, we also offer:

  • Emergency Service
  • 24/7 Live Calls
  • Free Estimates


Since we work with insurance companies on a regular basis, we bill them directly. This means no paperwork for you! Find out more about our Georgiana water damage restoration services by calling Special Touch Restoration at (256) 660-5555 or (251) 867-4455 today.