Hartselle Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage can occur without notice. A flash flood or a leaking pipe can lead to panic or stress, irrespective of when the incident occurs. The good news is that with reliable Hartselle water damage restoration services, you don’t have to worry. At Special Touch Restoration, we strive to be a water damage restoration company you can always count on in times of trouble. Our reliable experts have decades of experience offering water damage restoration services in Hartselle AL. We are available 24/7; this gives you the confidence that you will always have someone by your side to assist you when the need strikes.


Perhaps you’re wondering what our Hartselle water damage restoration services entail. Upon arriving at your property, we will:

  • Use modern technology to assess the area and determine the extent of the damage.
  • Develop an effective water mitigation plan, including the equipment we need to dry your structure.
  • Perform water extraction from the structure.
  • If need be, we will perform emergency demolition.
  • Arrange your belongings according to plan.
  • We will return to your premises after some time to determine the moisture levels and drying process and change the equipment if need be.


Here are some of the benefits of choosing expert water damage restoration services in Hartselle AL:

  • We Put Safety First – The health and safety of your family come first. Flood water often contains hazardous organisms like bacteria. These could contaminate the water, increasing the likelihood of mold and mildew growth. Seeking expert water damage restoration shields your family from harm.
  • We Fix the Damage Quickly – Water can cause extensive damage in your home within a short time. We strive to reverse this damage within the shortest time possible.
  • Complete Cleanup – With DIY water damage restoration, you might end up missing some areas. However, a professional will address all the areas affected by the water.


Maybe water damage restoration costs are the reasons for not seeking professional Hartselle water damage restoration services. However, contacting an expert immediately after a flood could save you from incurring hefty losses. Contact Special Touch Restoration today for affordable services.