Huntsville Crawl Space Encapsulation Companies

Crawl space encapsulation means sealing your crawl space to protect it from moisture, water damage, and other damaging environmental elements. It involves adding high-quality wall insulation, a vapor barrier, and a drainage system. Due to the delicate nature of these types of jobs, it is imperative to look into the right Huntsville crawl space encapsulation companies.

The crawl space is one area where many builders and maintenance specialists cut corners to reduce expenses. Many consider this space useless and don’t take the necessary precautions to keep it damage-free. You may have noticed that mold, dampness, and a musty odor rarely leave your crawl space, and this is what keeps damaging your HVAC equipment, duct work, and other wood structures.

Here is how to find crawl space encapsulation companies in Huntsville AL that rarely cut corners:

  • Look for Jack of ‘One’ Trade

A quick internet search on Huntsville crawl space encapsulation companies results in firms with this service as one of their many services. The fact that they do other things means that they probably lack the necessary expertise and equipment for this type of job. At Special Touch Restoration, we offer many services but have a dedicated team of experts for every service. Our workers do only what they specialize in and have round-the-clock access to state-of-the-art encapsulation equipment.

  • Check Reviews

Go for crawl space encapsulation companies in Huntsville AL, with proof of work. Who is reviewing their work? Are they real people or computer bots hired to make them look good? The best evidence that you can depend on Special Touch Restoration is the fact that we offer some of the most efficient encapsulation services in Huntsville.

  • Detailed Encapsulation Proposal

Watch out for contractors who don’t take the time to fully access your home. You can start by weeding out companies that only offer an online estimate but don’t bother to visit your home. You’ll know you’ve found the right repairers because they truly care and want to solve your issues. Special Touch Restoration endeavors to give proposals that include absolutely everything needed for the repair job.


You can as well stop searching for other Huntsville crawl space encapsulation companies because we know exactly how to keep your home permanently damage-free. Call us today at (256) 660-5555.