Scottsboro Water Damage Restoration Services

Flooding is the leading cause of water damage. Flooding can be caused by natural disasters or other factors like broken pipes. While some areas are more prone to flooding than others, every home is vulnerable to flooding. When faced with water flooding, the first step should be to seek professional Scottsboro water damage restoration services. At Special Touch Restoration, we focus on providing timely water damage restoration services.


Here are some of the leading causes of flooding in homes and commercial properties:

  • Broken Pipes – Broken pipes have the potential to quickly flood your whole house. Some of the leading causes of broken pipes include freezing temperatures, loose fittings, poor water quality leading to corrosion, and damage from a replacement or repair project around your property.
  • Leaky Water Heaters – Most people do not give water heaters much thought because the heaters are usually stored out of sight. However, a small leak from the heater can be disastrous since water heaters are constantly filling with water.
  • Defective Appliances – Most homeowners have large electrical appliances that use water. Common appliances include freezers, refrigerators, HVAC systems, dishwashers, and washing machines. If any of these appliances malfunction due to clogged drains, faulty hoses, or improper installations, you could incur serious water damage.
  • Clogged Gutters – Downspouts and rain gutters divert water away from your home. The accumulation of debris in your gutters could cause clogs, leading to a gutter overflow. The water that flows from your gutters can pool around your home, causing flooding.
  • Poor Drainage – Clogged drains due to debris, grease, food, and hair are also common causes of flooding in homes.

You should seek urgent water damage restoration services in Scottsboro AL, immediately after you notice the water damage.


When faced with a home flooding incident, you could have the following questions:

  • Should I call professional Scottsboro water damage restoration services?
  • Where will I stay when my house is being cleaned?
  • Can’t I clean the house myself?
  • How long will the water damage restoration process take?
  • How bad is the extent of the damage?
  • Will my homeowner’s insurance cover the damage?
  • What is the cost of water damage restoration services in Scottsboro AL?


If you need answers to these and more alongside reliable Scottsboro water damage restoration services, contact Special Touch Restoration today. Our experts will be happy to assist you.