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These folks are amazing! Professional, helpful, personable, and very kind. I would recommend this company to ANYONE!!!!!

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I could not have been more pleased and satisfied with your team…They worked together and appeared happy to be doing their job. Your team seemed to understand the emotions I was experiencing and kept re-assuring me it was going to be ok.

Mrs. Patricia W.

I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and performance of your employees who came to our home. It has been a long time since I have seen the quality of performance displayed by your team. It restored my confidence in the world around us.

Mr. & Mrs. William W.

Thank you for a job well done! Very satisfied.

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Thank you for a job well done!

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How can the BEST!! Get Better?

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They were quick to get to our house and they all were very nice.

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You were here within three hours after we called which we appreciated very much.

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Water Damage Specialists

Home Flooded? Need Water Extraction?

Most water damage companies miss critical elements when it comes to complete and effective drying.

Buildings act the same way that sponges do when water is introduced; just because there aren’t any visible signs of water damage doesn’t mean that the building is completely dry. Attics and basements are especially tricky when it comes to detecting and locating hidden moisture, and if the conditions allow it, mold could easily take hold and grow in these areas.

That is why it is vital to contact water damage experts that will properly utilize ALL ASPECTS of water damage restoration to properly dry your property and make sure there is no secondary damage.

Our certified water damage technicians dive deep into the building’s structure and measure moisture at the insulation, stud, and sill plate levels. They will then create a moisture map of the areas affected by the water damage loss and consistently monitor the moisture content, temperatures, and relative humidity in order to prevent mold from growing and spreading.

Water Damage Inspection Video

ARID-Dry® Restoration Drying Equipment

This process is designed to handle the challenges that traditional drying methods often fail to satisfy.


INTRODUCING Climate by Design International (CDI)
Climate by Design International (CDI) is a flexible engineering
and manufacturing company building large-capacity desiccant
dehumidification systems for a wide variety of industrial and
commercial applications.

The ARID-Dry® mobile product is comprised of large capacity
desiccant dehumidifiers to remove ambient water vapor from the air. Large-capacity desiccant dehumidification units are used in a variety of industries, including water damage and remediation, document drying, industrial surface preparation for coating, mold and fungus prevention, long-term lay-up of industrial equipment, and industrial condensation prevention. We have the capability to incorporate many additions to provide complete solutions for the temporary humidity control market.

Special attention is paid to construction details to provide a
resilient unit capable of meeting the demands of the rental
and temporary humidity control market. The units incorporate
state-of-the-art features to maintain peak efficiency. Our wide variety of sizes can be applied from the smallest residential project to the largest commercial industrial project.

The ARID-Dry® drying trailer can be easily transported, set up, and operated by a single trained technician.

Why Use ARID-Dry® Desiccant Technology?

  • Very dry air can be achieved.
  • Better thermodynamic efficiency: Achieved because
    no change of phase (condensation) is necessary.
  • Simple construction: Basic dehumidifier includes only
    two fans, a heater, and the desiccant rotor assembly.
  • Simple maintenance: Simply replace filters regularly
    and performance is assured. A yearly inspection by
    our service technicians is recommended to head off
    unscheduled outages.
  • Better Construction: Double-wall insulated casing
    suitable for indoor or outdoor mounting.
  • Modern Controls: CDI includes
    standard intelligent microprocessor controllers.

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